Monday, January 2, 2012

Illustration Friday - Highlight

Being a mother to my boys (I have three) is a highlight of my life.  I painted this following a full year of holding my oldest boy on my lap in a rocking chair in a hospital room.  At age two, he had been treated for an aggressive pediatric cancer.  It was such a sad and dismal time.  I wanted to paint us in a way that was surrounded by beauty and the freedom of the great outdoors.  This painting, I believe, was done by someone else - though I don't know who.  I saw it in a magazine once and was taken by how much an image could make me feel so much emotion and how it connected to my own personal experience.  This is my version of the painting done in watercolor. 


  1. Very beautiful and touching. <3

  2. Lovely...thank you for sharing your experience. I'll bet you're referring to Mary Cassatt...she painted amazing mother-child pieces.